AirITSystems certified as new INFRALAN® partner

AirITSystems GmbH has been successfully certified as an INFRALAN® installer.

For the certification, a practice-integrated in-house workshop was held at AirIT in Langenhagen. In the one-day training, with the focus on fiber optic and copper cabling, the participants were taught the correct handling of the products and the corresponding standards. The four training participants had the opportunity to learn about the performance of all components of the INFRALAN® system and how to use them correctly. The INFRALAN® certification enables the partner to offer a 25-year system warranty on INFRALAN® installations. Both sides hope for a long-term and close business-relationship through this cooperation.

The entire north of Germany is covered by the current network of INFRALAN® partners. INFRALAN® partners are also represented throughout Europe in countries such as the Netherlands, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Finland. The southern part of Europe is covered by France, Spain and Portugal.

Would you also like to benefit from the long-term system guarantee? Then become an INFRALAN® partner now! Here you will find the extensive training programme. Secure your appointment now.