New unshielded copper cabling system from INFRALAN®

New unshielded copper cabling system from INFRALAN®

Space saving and maximum safety with very thin B2ca installation cable

The individual components of the INFRALAN® UTP Cat. 6A cabling system include, among other things, a very thin installation cable (6.6mm, AWG23/1, B2ca). The small outer diameter of only 6.6 millimetres makes the cable also suitable for feedthroughs in narrow cable conduits and thus enables customers to save a significant amount of space. It also complies with fire protection class B2ca and the associated requirements for reduced fire propagation, for example. “The high fire protection rating means our installation cable is also recommended in particular for buildings with increased safety requirements, including hospitals and public buildings, in accordance with the EU Construction Products Regulation,” says Norbert Möller, project manager at INFRALAN®. The system is completed by an A-NEXT optimised patch panel, a slim patch cable and a Keystone with ETL certification.

Practical high-performance system solutions

“Our years of experience on the market means all components of the INFRALAN® systems are of very high value,” says Dirk Schreinermacher, project manager at INFRALAN®. He goes on to explain: “In addition, we can tailor the system solutions precisely to the needs of professional users.” INFRALAN® has been internationally certified several times. The application areas range from office buildings and data centres to production halls, machinery/plants and campuses, hospitals, and shipbuilding. Installers also have the option to receive advice from the INFRALAN® team of specialists on selecting and implementing complete solutions.