INFRALAN® system partners: Security through a strong network

The INFRALAN® brand gives you the certainty of maintaining a high-performance system now and in the future. To ensure the quality of the products, the high-quality INFRALAN® components are only offered by selected, certified distributors. In addition, INFRALAN® has an international network of certified installers. The warranty not only provides reliability and stability, but secures the investment long term.

Anyone handling the INFRALAN® communication networks must be well trained on them to ensure optimal functioning. Certification is a prerequisite for distributors and installing companies to be included in the INRALAN® system partner program. The participant will receive such certification after successful completion of a training programme conducted by experts where they learn and get familiarised with the correct handling of the products and interaction of the components (theory, practice, final exam). This training is conducted by distributor EFB-Elektronik. After certification, distributors can train installers according to the train-the-trainer principle to incorporate them into the INFRALAN® system partner program. Installers can then not only install the INFRALAN® system, but also provide a 25-year system warranty.

The INFRALAN® products are available from the certified distributors.

Overview system partners

Become an INFRALAN® system partner

  • Special support for partners: Support and consulting in the planning and execution phase
  • Personal contact
  • On-site consultation
  • Security for investments, reliability and stability for the client with 25-year system warranty
  • Network of planners and certified installers
  • High-quality training and practical workshops

Training: Become a certified INFRALAN® system partner

The corresponding training is a basic requirement to receive the INFRALAN® installer certificate. This workshop, consisting of theory and practice and focusing on copper and glass fiber, teaches the right way to handle the products and the corresponding standards

INFRALAN® workshops