System solutions: Shielded and structured

Excellent IT cabling is of central importance in today’s work environment so that communication processes function optimally. The technical requirements for the building infrastructure are growing at a rapid pace. 10G ethernet, power over ethernet, VOIP telephony, video surveillance, and video conferencing are posing new challenges for local area networks. Certified IT cabling systems such as INFRALAN® ensure reliable communication at all levels.

The INFRALAN® brand provides planners and system administrators with powerful system solutions for structured building cabling. The sophisticated system includes high quality copper/fiber cabling components, as well as network and system racks to ensure component distribution.

The System

25-year system warranty

Each cabling infrastructure is a strategic and long-term investment that is expected to deliver the highest level of reliability and stability. The 25-year INFRALAN® system warranty provides the necessary investment protection.

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