INFRALAN® Cat.7A Installation Cable S/FTP 1200 MHz, CPR B2ca

Product features
Cable structure Category Conductor category Conductor material AWG-size/quantity of cores Diameter conductor Screen over stranding Stranding element Screen over stranding element Core insulation Core identification Material outer sheath Euro class Flame retardant Halogen free Halogen free (acc. EN 50267-2-2) Halogenfrei nach EN 60754-1/2 Low smoke Low smoke (acc. EN 61034-2) Operating temperature, flexible Operating temperature, fix Operating temperature, storage Bending radius (dynamic) Bending radius (static) NVP value Loop resistance Separation class acc. EN50174-2 Coupling attenuation Type Coupling attenuation Cabling standards Harmonised Standard Transmission standards Cable Max. Freuqency
S/FTP 7A Kl.1 = single wire CU, tinned 22. Jan 0.62mm braiding pairs foil foam-skin PE colour FRNC B2ca acc. EN 60332-1 acc. EN 60754-1/2 no yes acc. EN 61034-2 yes -20 – 50°C -20 – 60°C 0 – 50°C 8x OD 4x OD 78% 143.4Ohm/km D type 1 85dB ISO/IEC 11801;EN 50173-1;EN 50288 EN 50575 IEEE 802.3 10Mbit to 10Gbit IEC 61156-5 1200MHz

Article information

The Delta certified INFRALAN® installation cable MK7100.x-CPR is constructed for transmissions up to 1200 MHz and exceeds with the electrical transmission properties the requirements of the category 7A. Suitable for structured cabling of Class E, EA, F and FA according to ISO/IEC 11801 (AMD 2:2009) resp. EN 50173-1 (2009). The twisted pairs are protected against interferences with a shielding foil (PiMF) and a total shielding. This excellent protection also prevents the radiation of signals out of the cables. The shielding ensures the compliance of emitted interferences according to class B EN 55022 and the interference resistance according to EN 55024. The stranding of the twisted pairs is optimized so that the delay skew between the pairs at the greatest possible uncoupling (crosstalk) is minimun. With this cable transmission rates up to 10 GBit according to IEEE 802.3 are possible.


Article No. Planers text Title Price (SRP) Length Colour outer sheath RAL colour Number of cores Type Outer diameter approx. Copper weight Max. tractive force Fire load
MK7100.1-CPR INFRALAN® Cat.7A 1200 AWG22, S/FTP 4P CPR B2ca orange RAL 2003 0,99 1.0m orange RAL2003 8 simplex 08. Aprmm Mrz 62kg/100m 100N 640MJ/km
MK7100DX.500-CPR INFRALAN® Cat.7A 1200 AWG22, S/FTP 2x4P CPR B2ca orange RAL 2003 500.0m orange RAL2003 2x8 duplex 8.4 x16.8mm Jul 24kg/100m 100N 1100MJ/km